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News 4/15:  ATTENTION WGA PARENTS:  The time has come again for Parent/Teacher Conferences!  Please check out our current schedule and make sure to send Ms. Foster an email letting her know what time you would like to come in for a conference!

News 4/5:  SPRING BREAK is coming up (starting April 12th-April 19th).

News 3/22:  Please check out our Box Tops for Education Page to find out how YOU can help WGA raise money for education with the products you already buy!

News 3/21:  WGA is proud to announce WGA Computer Repair, a student-run computer repair and upgrade service.  Check out the links for more details!


All students are different, in their interests, personalities, and abilities.  So why do schools continue to teach as if everyone were the same?

At Wayne Geri Academy, we believe that treating our students as individuals is essential to their success.  It is our promise never to push our students along to the next concept before they have mastered the last nor to hold advanced students back when they are ready to move on.